Le troisième module du programme Alma vient de commencer pour Adèle Pion, Clara Vulliez, Clelia Petranto, Ophélie Pruvost, Pauline Brouyaux et Réjean Dorval.

"We’re only instruments of a greater power. We’re creators by permission, by grace, as it were. No one creates alone, of and by himself. An artist is an instrument that registers something already existent, something which belongs to the whole world and which, if he is an artist, he is compelled to give back to the world. To keep one’s beautiful ideas to oneself would be like being a virtuoso and sitting in an orchestra with hands folded" Henry Miller

Performances publiques les 29, 30, 31 mai et 1er juin au Studio Belgica sur réservation. Contactez soulmadealma@gmail.com